Connecting creative communities: Ryan Bukstein from Atelier Ace

“..the connection to the local community and to the artists and the creators and the entrepreneurs, in these communities, that is what the work is, that is what we do and what we’re interested in and the hotels become a very unique platform..”

The Ace hotel group has been going strong since their first boutique hotel opened in Seattle in 1998 catering for the city’s burgeoning music and arts scene. 17 years later  ‘Atelier Ace’ has ventures across 6 US cities, the recently opened  American Trade Hotel in Panama and of course the Shoreditch London Ace open since 2013. Ryan Bukstein the Chief Cultural  Engineer of the group explains, that although they have expanded, each space is unique, with a view to integrate and cater for the surrounding local community. A very different approach from most hotel chains around the world which barely consider where they actually are, let alone embrace local cultures and communities.  As part of our series on work/play co-working spaces, Ace Shoreditch offers something a little different, a work and social environment for both local and international creatives and entrepreneurs wanting to tap into London.

This skype enabled Cross-Atlantic conversation with Ryan Bukstein chief cultural engineer from Atelier Ace explains the concept further: 


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