Cultivaters presents Shopkeepers’ Stories at Hackney Museum

Cultivaters is launching the exhibition Shopkeepers’ Stories at Hackney Museum. These audio and photographic portraits of six of the long-standing traditional shopkeepers from the area, explore stories of immigration, family business, local community and the effects of change.

All of the shops featured here have existed for over 30 years, some have survived 2 or 3 generations, some are struggling to keep afloat. Changing demands, rising rent prices and lack of interest from their children to take over the business, means that this could be the end of the line. These portraits are the antitheses of pop-up culture, outlining the importance of long-standing shops and their ever-present shopkeepers as playing a key role in the community.

Photography by Kuba Nowak (

Audio by Lucia Scazzocchio (Cultivaters)

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The exhibition launches on Thursday 12th February and will run throughout 2015.

Hackney Museum, 1 Reading Lane, London, E8 1GQ. Free Entry.

The stories are also available online via


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