(S)potted: Mediorite

Mediorite is a youth specialist creative agency and social enterprise. They offer free multimedia training and work experience to young people in Hackney and film and photography services to the voluntary and commercial sectors. Their campaigns combine award winning creative professionals and local young creatives.


Planted by: Lucy Ferguson
After studying fine art in Birmingham, Lucy Ferguson came to London to work in media. Moving with the times, she went from magazines, to websites, to mobile apps, and worked her way up to become an award winning digital director at IPC Media.

Alongside her work, Lucy found herself getting a lot out of her trustee role at an arts charity, and volunteering through the Media Trust to help small charities with their marketing and communications. That’s where Mediorite came from: An organisation putting together her knowledge of all things media and her drive to support young people fulfil their potential.

Lucy set up social enterprise YH World, an online youth magazine based in Hackney. With an editorial team of young creatives, they create video and photography and write news, interviews and reviews. It’s a way of engaging young people in Hackney, giving them valuable work experience and a sense of ownership.

On the enterprise side, Mediorite provides photography and film for clients, acting as a conduit between those who want to target young people as an audience, and the young people themselves.

Shoots: The BBC and The Children’s Society

When the Hackney Weekender was launched by the BBC, Mediorite worked with them to ensure Hackney was being represented by them in a fair and true way. Together they made this YouTube clip about how to learn Hackney slang go viral. They also cast young people and put together a team of photographers for shooting The Children’s Society’s advertising campaign.

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YH World

Main photo by Agenda Photography

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