Off-Shoot: Gorilla Perfumes

‘Lush’ has been on British high streets for nearly 10 years and has grown into a global brand with franchises in every continent. Grown by husband and wife team Mark and Mo Constantine from a small shop in Dorset they have undeniably become the king and queen of the bath bomb. When their son Simon became interested in developing perfumes, rather than doing it under the Lush banner, Father and son decided to take a very different approach and create an off-shoot – Gorilla Perfumes. Rather than using the imagery of  flowers, luxury and desire usually associated with perfume they’ve gone for the story of a father and son’s search for inspiring ingredients created into a series of perfumes presented as a music album track list and illustrated in a zine style comic book with names like ‘The smell of the weather turning’ and ‘Dirty’.


The flagship shop for all these unusual scents has been a pop-up space and gallery on Rivington Street in Shoreditch staying well away from any franchise style branding, but very carefully styled to look like an authentic arty location perfectly camouflaged with the surrounding street art and galleries. The rows of illustrated glass bottles, the natural looking decor, the backroom used for small music and film gatherings, the street-style shop front is all very carefully crafted to give the illusion of a new business with little means and lots of ideas. This is a perfect illustration of a brand off-shoot, a big business striving to look small and more authentic.

Gorilla perfumes

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