Pop Brixton

We missed Pop Brixton‘s grand Phase 1 opening last week as the idea of another container ‘Box Park’ venture wasn’t particularly appealing, but after having heard Carl Turner from Carl Turner Architects who build the project talk at a recent discussion event organised by The Museum of Architecture on business in communities, this is without a doubt a ‘grow small’ venture. Created on Lambeth council land the venture will have a three year life span, with the aim of not just creating a community hub, but also as a nurturing ground for small upstarting independent local businesses. It appears that the role of the architectural firm is evolving, with more emphasis on place-making and community building as well as building and construction. Turner touched on the challenges of this new role but was clearly excited about the endless possibilities of this type of project.

The focus is of course on the spaces and business opportunities created by the shipping containers on the site as units, but also on the communal spaces, garden and farm to emphasise a sense of community and wellbeing in the very urban landscape of Brixton. Whether the success of this project will encourage Lambeth council to keep the land and sustain this venture is an open question, but it has undeniably brought a breath of fresh air and opportunity into the area.

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Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ
Open 9am -11pm weekdays, 9am – midnight Friday & Saturday

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