Wasted Poppy Productions

Wasted Poppy Productions takes the idea of group collaboration into practice. Created by Dannie Lu Carr last year the company aims to unify the talented people she has gravitating around her to create new multidisciplinary theater and film projects with a focus on the important issues we are all facing today.


Sowing the seeds of Wasted Poppy Prod

When speaking to Dannie it is apparent that she has abundant energy and a tenacious streak. With a background as an actor, playwright as well as bringing creativity into the workplace as a consultant she has undoubtedly collected many talented and creative people all focusing on their own disparate projects. She is clear that she has come to the point in her life where it’s time to join those dots and create an all encompassing umbrella for all these talents. She believes in desectorising the workplace as it’s too restrictive and most people have more than a few strings to their bow. Organised collaboration is entering the general landscape accross all disciplines and people are starting to realise the benefits of  ‘we’ rather than ‘me’ culture. This has been the driving force behind the initiative to start Wasted Poppy.


Collaborative creative projects are definitely in the air right now.  A great example is the website hitRecord directed by actor Joseph Gorden Levitt. It asks writers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, video editors etc to contribute their work and allow the community to edit and build, remix and combine what they have done. They have now launched an online TV variety show all made with material from online contributors and published 2 books of stories from contributors all over the world. Most of what is produced is available to buy online with a profit share system in place. Levitt is very involved in the project as the driving force as well as the face.

The Plot

Wasted Poppy have literally just launched by organising an art exhibition, but there are several projects in the pipeline:
The production of The Lizzie Play written by Deidre Smith, directed by Dannie Lu Carr to be performed at the Hoxton Hall theater on Hoxton Street.
The production of a film set in a futuristic dystopia written by Dannie Lu Carr called a Mermaid’s Tale.

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