Root + Bone: Food quarterly

They describe themselves as the ‘offcuts of food culture’, the independent food specialised free publication Root + Bone is the work of four dedicated food and facial hair enthusiasts;  photographers – Steve Rynan and Alex Denman, Chef – Anthony Power and graphic designer Mark Calderbank and many, many contributors. The idea for this food quarterly came about through the consistent rejection of the stories around food culture and cookery that they tried to pitch to more traditional publications. It seemed that no one was interested in the kind of images and ideas around the food culture that they were experiencing around them.

With a third publication out in April, climbing from 2000 to 10,000 printed copies for issue 2, Root + Bone has certainly hit the spot when it comes to what a new generation of foodies is willing to digest. From meat porn  to unlikely recipes, these guys are speaking for their generation of meal instragramers, street food enthusiasts and curious cooks,  interested in where their food and drink comes from and ingenious ways to prepare it.

So far, this is a self financed project, energetically motivated by pure passion, but it’s obvious that Root + Bone are on to something so the biggest challenge now is how to retain integrity, tone and freedom and pay their way?  With the free magazine Vice as the obvious success story in this niche, they may well manage both without too much difficulty.

Find the next issue of Root + Bone in most foodie places in East London and a selection of locations citywide and across the country.

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