(S)potted: Better Health Bakery

It does seem like independent local bakeries are popping up all over the place at the moment as many of us have (re)discovered the joys of a freshly baked loaf and the supermarket bloomer just isn’t cutting it. The other factor is that baking bread has been found to be  therapeutic and being widely used for healing purposes. The Better Health Bakery has been created by the well-being focused, community based charity Centre for Better Health as a charitable artisan bakery and social enterprise offering three month work placements for people recovering from mental ill health. They also happen to be located in the fast developing area behind Haggerston station which has also see the recent arrival of the studio space and restaurant Trip Space.

Useful Stuff

Better Health Bakery
Address: 13 Stean Street, E8 4ED
Opening Times: Tues-Fri 8am – 4pm , Sat 8am – 2pm

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