(S)potted: Dirty Market – Theatre Bricoleurs

Based in Southwest London, imaginative, unconventional theatre group Dirty Market, aren’t afraid to play around, swap roles and go against the grain when it comes to creating a new play. They’re also renowned for using unusual spaces for their projects, creating an immersive and interactive experience, away from the standard theatre setting.

Their new piece ‘Oxbow Lakes’, part fairy-tale, part murder-mystery, part dark musical-comedy, runs through September in a print house basement in Shoreditch. Here’s  the teaser:

Oxbow Lakes.  Dusk.

A boy searches for sleep.
A mother searches for her son.
A husband searches for the woman he once married.
The wood is calling – the dark space on the edge of Oxbow.
Will it reveal what they seek?
Will they find their way home?

A body floats up from the lake…

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Useful Stuff

Oxbow Lakes
4th – 28th September ’13
Wednesday – Saturday at 7:30pm
17-20 Parr Street, Hoxton, London, N1 7ET


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