(S)potted: I Talk to Strangers

No, not a personal statement (although it does happen on occasion) but a mission put together by David Blackwell, who believes that there is a way for strangers to get talking in our bustling metropolis and that this is a step towards re-humanising the city. I Talk to Strangers aims to facilitate striking up a conversation with a random person in a cafe, on the street or even in the tube. How? By distributing badges and bracelets in partner cafes for people to were when they are open to arbitrary chat with a stranger. For a suggested donation you can purchase one of these symbolic statements and start striking up conversations. But be warned the manifesto clearly specifies this is not an excuse to launch into cheesy pick-up lines!
So dear Londoners, you are encouraged to lift your eyes from your smart phones and look for badge/bracelet wearers and start shooting the breeze.

Useful Stuff

For the whole manifesto, partner cafes and more:  italktostrangers.co.uk

Kickstarter campaign

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