(S)potted: Platforms & The Annexe Playroom

The production company 2Twos comprising of Vernon Douglas (dance workshop facilitator) , Claire Sivier, Bid Mosaku and Tian Glasgow, have combined their skills to create a platform for other people’s talents. ‘Platforms’ is a bi-monthly night giving artists 15 minutes to shine and the opportunity to try out ideas and showcase new work to a friendly and encouraging audience.

There is a growing spate of events featuring work in progress, where audience reaction is key for the development of the artist’s work. (See also invisible Dot who host a free Friday night comedy night where acts can test out their work in progress)
The event is curated through work submitted through an open call process mainly from local artists (South London) but as the event grows they are attracting submissions from across the city.
Following on from this, the team have created another bi-monthly event ‘The Annexe Playroom‘ taking one of the pieces showcased at Platform and giving it the space and resources to be explored further and turned into something more polished.  Last month Elise Garnaut performed her play Panic on The Streets of Rome after experimenting with the idea at a previous Platforms event.

Next Platforms, Tuesday 26 November, 7pm
The Hob, 7 Devonshire Road Forrest Hil, SE23 3HE
submissions: contact2twos@gmail.com

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