(S)potted: The Butchers Apron

Radio show and podcast ‘The Butchers Apron‘ presented and produced by Emma Gibson and Nadine Monem, undeniably inspired by the Chicago school of radio (This American Life, Third Coast International, Love & Radio), they introduce lesser known voices to explore the more unusual aspects of life in the UK. Each show is based around a specif theme with guests chosen to interpret the theme through their story. Their latest podcast ‘Mistakes‘ features inmate turned conceptual artist Gary Mansfield, Amanda Fielding talks about Alex Hofmann’s accidental invention of LSD and Philosopher Dr Daniel Barnes gives his insights.
The Butcher’ Apron have been invited to broadcast their show live from a window at Selfridges department store as part of their Festival of the Imagination event, for 2 hours every Saturday (Lunchtimes on Sat 18th Jan -Sat 22nd Feb).

Useful Stuff

The Butchers Apron

Live show monthly on NTS on Sunday 2pm-3pm

Live broadcast at Selfridges window, corner of Oxford St. and Orchard St. Sat 18th Jan 11am

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