(S)potted: The Doll’s House

The Dead Doll’s Club (a pop restaurant with a focus on stews installed on Kingsland road) have got that pop up bug and opened another temporary venue; Doll’s House in Hoxton square. The ‘member’s club’ concept is quite loose as it seem that you just need to befriend the Dolls rather than paying a fee, giving friends with benefits a whole new meaning. So what do you get for becoming buddies? (Which actually just involves filling out out a form and bringing a gift)  A comfy gentleman’s style drawing room to talk shop in, a ballroom to swing your thing, a terrace to enjoy the last summer rays and a Parlour serving dishes concocted by chef homies from around the world. (The Parlour is also open for bookings for those not so inclined to set up a play-date for the other perks).

Useful stuff
35 Hoxton Square, N1 6NN
Open: Wed: 5pm-11pm, Thurs: 5pm-12pm, Fri: 5pm-2am, Sat: 2pm-2am



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