(S)potted: The Local

Their strap-line reads ‘Neighbourly International Music’ which is well, exactly what The Local do best. Their roster of folk and lo-fi inspired musicians veers more towards the quiet music spectrum rather than the loud and banging variety and to reiterate this, The Local organise an annual ‘quiet’ music festival Shhh. This year it was hosted on the two floors of a baptist church in Hampstead with 14 different acts including Tiny Ruins, Myyths and Charlie Cunningham. Over the rest of the year The Local contribute towards festival happenings and host concerts in intimate venues across London with a few concerts coming up new bar and café Topolski in one of the arches at South Bank.

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Next events:
Alexis Taylor at The Vortex, Mon 16th June
Bird to Beast at Topolski, Tue 17th June
Lotte Mullen at Topolski, Tue 15th July

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