(S)potted: Wet Sounds

Most of us have enjoyed singing underwater in the bath as child (or even as an adult..) and experimenting with those super eerie noises. Wet Sounds takes this theme into the public realm by bringing sound art to swimming pools across the globe since 2008. The next underwater adventure is to be held on Sunday 2nd March at the beautifully refurbished 1930’s Ironmonger Row Baths near Old Street and features performances especially commissioned by Beatrice Dillon and Matthias Kispert as well as a live set by sound artist Joel Cahen as well as visuals by Rod Maclachlan. It’s not just about being underwater,  as the idea is that you can float about and listen to sounds as you float, hear something different when you immerse yourself and something else again on the surface. Wet Sounds have attracted an impressive array of musicians and producers of the years including the likes of Pierre Henry, Mira Calix, Andrea Parker and Stefano Tedesco.
For more UK/World dates, check their website.

Useful stuff

Wet Sounds, 2nd March, 7.30pm, £10
Swimming gear essential
Ironmonger Row Baths, 1 Norman Street EC1 VAA

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