SEED THE CITY  explores new emerging culture in London with an emphasis on independent scenes and concepts created by people who plant the seed of this idea and give it the right ingredients for it to start growing. It may never becoming bigger than it is right now it may become huge, it doesn’t matter.

What we are interested in is the moment when an idea is just evolving from a the seed of an idea to a shoot when things start to happen.

London is full of people planting and cultivating seeds. SEED THE CITY is a directory for these shooting seeds, promoting what they are doing and giving proper recognition to the people who help them grow.

SEED THE CITY isn’t a blog in the traditional sense but more of a directory, meaning that the entries aren’t fixed, they may be added to, changed as the seed evolves or more details and elements become available. A (S)potted entry may become a more detailed entry later, nothing needs to stay fixed.


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