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Tej is a joint initiative between architectural designer Kathryn Timmins and artist Libby Scarlett with the aim to encourage interaction between people and their surroundings. Their most recent project is a community art project in Mitcham, South London where they’ve been working with local residents to create a colourful seasonal food chart along the fence next to the Eastfields allotment site. The aim is to chart what the community grows on the site but also brightens up the work to Mitcham station.

Tej Mitcham

A little further afield, Tej have also staged an urban intervention in the Flamino district of Rome where they set out to look at the gap between local and global. The aim was to introduce outsiders to the real Flaminio rather than the tourist attractions they usually visit by turning the area into a gallery depicting photographs of the area taken by local people. They also managed to get the work into the famous MAXXI gallery that the area is known for  Take a look at their tumbr explaining the intervention more detail.

Tej Projects:

The Advice Exchange
Brian (after Brian)



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