The Building Exploratory

It all began with an exhibition in Orsman road in Hackney that ran from 1997 to 2012,  leading the charity organisation The Building Exploratory to specialise in inspiring people to engage with their local surroundings. This is done both by discovering the past through heritage initiatives, but also by embracing the new when the regeneration of an area is in the pipeline.

One of their ongoing projects has been the ‘Senoir Building Exploratory Explorers (Senoir BEEs) who regularly meet to explore Hackney and take part in shaping their built environment, encouraging its members to look up rather than at the pavement with lifelong learning officer Karen Elmes at the helm:


Take the Haggerston interactive historical tour of listed buildings:

View Haggerston Listed Buildings, by The Building Exploratory in a larger map

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The Building Exploratory
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