The Floating Cinema

London’s canals were once the route for goods coming into the city from all over the world. Floating Cinema is a slow moving art space, traveling through London’s waterways this summer bringing a programme of visual art events inspired by the ‘Extra Ordinary’, curated by Hackney based artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie.

UP Projects’ Portavilion programme is dedicated to taking art out of the gallery and into pubic spaces to a wider audience. After the success of their Floating Cinema project in 2011, they have decided to do it again this summer. This year the specialised canal boat has been designed by Duggan Morris Architects who responded to an open, call, and is currently being built at Turks Shipyard in Chatham, Kent. The whole process has become an art project in itself and can be watched online via a webcam.

Once the ship has been built and brought to London, it will travel along London’s canals starting on the 27th July for 10 weeks, stopping along the way for on board screenings of especially commissioned work , larger scale outdoor film projections like Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie (in fancy dress) and an outdoor Horror weekender on the canal side steps at King’s Cross, Live Art floating tours and science talks.

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The Floating Cinema: Minidoc from Karen Guthrie on Vimeo.

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