The Food Assembly: Shopping local

An initiative started in France 3 years ago, The Food Assembly has fast been spreading across Europe at the speed of organic rocket, with London’s first branch growing out of Hackney Wick in July. Now with 7 assemblies in East London alone it seems that this is a format that appeals. The idea is simple. In theory anyone can create a weekly assembly event where people come to pick up the food they’ve previously ordered online from a handful of local farmers and producers within a 150 mile radius, on a specific day. The key difference is that the produce is not delivered directly to customers but to a public space for them to collect, recreating a market vibe but without the market.

This is an interesting model of how an online global platform is enabling hyper-local initiatives, which obviously appeals as more people are drawn to independently grown or produced foodstuffs. It does seem a logical step that if you can do your supermarket shopping online, why not your farmers market shopping?

Haggerston residents Theo Kean and Rebecca Scurlock  were so enthused by what they experienced at Hackney Wick that they decided to become Food Assembly hosts themselves, organising a weekly assembly on Monday nights at multi-faceted venue Tripspace.
They explain how it works:


Useful Stuff

The Food Assembly

Haggerston Food Assembly Mondays 7pm-9pm at Tripspace
Hackney Wick Food Assembly Wednesdays 5.30pm-7.30pm at Number 90 

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