The Holborn Magazine (and Workshop)

After a few years celebrating quality independent design and craft online, The Holborn Magazine has decided it’s time to move into print and launch as a ‘proper’ magazine that you can stroke and smell. This week is the launch of their kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to set things in motion.

University friends Morgan Hamilton- Griffin and Joshua Murry-Nevill bonded over a love of craft beer, refined tailoring and excellent design and decided to capture the growing interest and movement back to a culture of craftsmanship, making and entrepreneurship and quest for quality over luxury. With a team of dedicated writers and supporters they have placed themselves as celebrators, observers and story tellers of  a ‘movement’ populated by those out ‘to make a living not a killing’. From craft beer to high class street food, from letterpress printing to refined carpentry, from beautifully stitched jackets to hand-crafted boots,  the desire for the bespoke, the unique and the long-lasting is very much in the air. With that imagined Victoriana time when men where gentlemen (and had double barreled names) esthetic, the magazine explores the artisans, wardrobe, drinks, sounds and words of the redefined era that is becoming now.

The Holborn Workshop

The Holborn paper magazine is the second move towards a a more physical representation, as the first manifested as a live tangible experience of traditional making and quality craft culture, in the form of a The Holborn Workshop, designed by Green Tea Architects as a shop and cafe/bar in a transformed old hardware store on Hackney road. A perfect setting for the team to move beyond an online presence. This temporary space closes at the end of April but has provided an all important physical presence for the team for people to taste, touch and feel what they represent.

Morgan tells the story to EastCast here:


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The Holborn Magazine

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KickStarter campaign

The Holborn Workshop, 493 Hackney Road, London, E2 9ED


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