Cultivater: Alexis Blondel (Total Refreshment Centre)

Alexis Blondel landed in London from across the channel 10 years ago and quickly got the warehouse living bug, enjoying the space and the freedom these large spaces provide like being able to skate in his living room. In 2012 he took over a Jamaican social club in Stoke Newington and created Total Refreshment Studios. These rehearsal studios have become part of what he calls the ‘plot’ a space for him and his ever growing family of talented musician and producer friends to experiment, collaborate and produce new material.
The most recent addition to this musical emporium is a concert and arts venue with a musical social hang-out space/record shop/online radio station (once the Vinyl Library) at the back. Taking on such a large space with a limited budget has obviously had its challenges but ‘Lex’ is ambitious and keen to leave his mark on the city, making sure Total Refreshment lives beyond a physical space.

Music used: The Comet is Coming – Through the Asteroid Belt

Useful Stuff

Total Refreshment Studios
Unit 2, 2A Foulden Road, London N16 7UR




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